Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 
Welcome to Year 6!

We've made it to the top of the primary school ladder. Because we are the oldest in school, we like to set an excellent example to younger children. We aim to do many things in Year 6: show respect for others; show great resilience when problems occur; always try our hardest and demonstrate exemplary behaviour.

We'll be learning about a whole range of topics from entertainment in the 20th century to the daily lives of ancient civilisations. We'll be using our mathematical knowledge to solve problems, and we'll be learning about classification of animals in science. In English, we'll be swept away to new places and writing our own horror stories.

Homework. Each week, pupils will log onto Spelling Shed to practise their spellings. Where applicable, Mymaths homework will be set too. In Year 6, we expect pupils to take responsibility for their learning, so homework treats will be given out at the end of each term. Reading books will be handed out on Friday and can only be returned to school on Tuesdays.

Year 6 will be our final year in Beaconhill before moving onto the next chapter. We'll be working hard to prepare for our transition to secondary school. We'll be supported this year by our class teacher, Miss Dobson, and our teaching assistants - Mrs Luke-Green and Mrs Bradshaw.

We looking forward to the year ahead and thank you all for your support in our final year.

Miss Dobson, Year 6 and the Year 6 team.

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