School Kitchen and Lunch Time

School Meals
Please be aware that due to allergies in school snacks that contain nuts must not come into school. Thank you for your understanding.
The children are provided with a healthy meal designed to promote sound all round physical development, and to lessen the risk of heart disease in later life. Pupils are encouraged to try a wide variety of food. Social training is also an important part of the lunch period.

School meals are currently free of charge to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. There is a charge of £2.60 per day/ £13.00 per week for pupil meals in Nursery and Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Meals must be paid for in advance on Monday mornings and must be paid for on our digital payment platform- 'Schoolmoney' as we operate a cashless office.

  • We provide a varied and balanced lunch every day.
  • The National nutritional guidelines are set as a minimum standard, and all the menus are nutritionally analysed.
  • Medical dietary requirements can be catered for, please speak to the unit manager on site if you need to discuss individual requirements.
  • Menus may be viewed in school, they are reviewed twice per year, and new menus added to newsletters and the school website.
  • Creative Management Services work with reputable suppliers to ensure all the ingredients used are of high quality.

Snack Time

Children in EYFS and KS1 are provided with fruit each morning. If you wish to provide your child with a snack, please only send fruit. Please ensure that grapes are cut in half lengthways to avoid choking. Similarly please cut cherry tomatoes in half.



It is important that children remain well hydrated during the school day. All children are provided with their first school water bottle for free; replacements can be purchased from the school office or you may provide your own.

Water bottles must only contain water- not squash. It would be acceptable to add ice cubes or fresh fruit if your child would prefer.

Fizzy drinks are not permitted .

Each week 7 lucky children are chosen to sit at the Golden Table- complete with golden tablecloth and candelabras. This is a special reward given by the lunchtime supervisors to the best behaved children, who are given two golden tickets to the golden table. Pupils can invite a friend or relative to have lunch with them on the following Friday. Remember to exchange your golden ticket for an ice cream!

Where possible, ingredients and produce are locally sourced. The map below shows where our food comes from.
Packed Lunches

Pupils may bring a packed lunch- we ask that this is well balanced and healthy and does not include a chocolate bar or sweets. You should also ensure that your child has a spoon for yoghurt etc.

Any food left uneaten will be sent home so you can monitor your child’s food intake.

Fridges are provided for the cold storage of packed lunches during the day. 
Grapes and Small tomatoes should be cut in half length ways to minimise the choking risk

Our Hygiene Award

The school kitchen was inspected by an Environmental Health Technical Officer in December 2018 checking compliance withe the requirements of food hygiene law. We retained the top rating of 5.