Year 4

Year 4

In Year 4 we work hard and have a lot of fun! Starting in March 2021 Year 4 children will be very lucky as they will have four adults working with them. Mr. Robinson will teach from Monday to Thursday and Mr. Shepherd will teach on a Friday. Mrs. Deakin and Miss. Gillesphey are the teaching assistants in Year 4. In non COVID times, we are also very fortunate to have Mrs. Taylor, a specialist language teacher, teaching French in the Spring and Summer terms.

We will learn lots of new things throughout this academic year. We will be trying so hard to learn all the multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 as this is what we are expected to know by the end of Year 4! We use the BBC Super Movers Videos to help us. All Year 4 pupils have an online x tables test in the Summer Term! In English we will focus on a few key texts – “Kensuke’s Kingdom” and “Why the whales came” by Michael Morpurgo, “The Firework Maker’s daughter” by Philip Pullman, "The Giggler Treatment" and "Rover Saves Christmas" by Roddy Doyle and “The Wolves in the Walls” by Neil Gaiman.

Some of the main topics we will study are Sound, Electricity, The Digestive System, Habitats and The Environment, Invaders and Settlers and Regions of the United Kingdom, focusing particularly on Scotland. We will also learn a lot of French and will sing a lot of French songs! We will learn French numbers, days and months, fruits and vegetables and parts of the body. In P.E we will focus on cricket, football, gymnastics, rugby, tennis, golf and athletics. We will hopefully compete against other schools in football, rugby and tennis!

Some of the most enjoyable days we have had in previous years were those spent at the beach and I am sure it will be the same this year! We used our beach visits to enhance many parts of our curriculum. We sketched St. Mary’s Lighthouse and the beach huts at Blyth. We then used these pictures as a stimulus for our Christmas cards and calendars. In November we visited Holy Island to see where The Vikings first invaded Britain. It was amazing! We also sent a postcard home to let our families know what a great time we had had. We also wrote poetry on the beach at Cresswell and performed it to the class in the dunes – what an amazing place to do English! It certainly was "the best classroom in the world" as one of our pupils stated! In Science we looked at beach habitats and went rockpooling at St. Mary’s Lighthouse. When we were there we sorted seaweed based on the external characteristics - we didn't realise there were so many different kinds of seaweed! We discussed the structure and function of each one. We also looked at beach food chains and played environmental games. We estimated and measured in metres and minutes and will never forget what 100 metres looks like. We used sea water to measure the capacity of holes in the sand too! We also built shelters and toasted marshmallows over the firepit!

We have a lovely classroom and we all play our part in keeping it nice! Our cleaner loves us because we always make sure our classroom is tidy before we go home! Our classroom has lots of displays which help us a lot with our learning. Each day, someone is “Pupil of the day.” This pupil gets to do all of the special jobs to do.

We also have our own avatar character using Class Dojo. We are rewarded with points during the week for behaviour and good work. Mr. Robinson gives out certificates each week for the child who has produced great work in mathematics and English. We also have a "superstar of the week" who gets to choose a prize from the golden box!

The Year 4 Team.

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