School Council

School Council


The School Council is made up of Mr. Robinson and two representatives from each year group from Year 1 to Year 6. We meet up at least three times each half-term and discuss issues that are important to the children - they bring ideas to discuss from their classes. We have made some very important decisions over the last few years, some of which are listed below.

We designed, delivered and evaluated two behaviour surveys for children in Key Stage 2. We gave feedback to the whole school and to one of our school governors in assembly.

We worked with an employee from SUSTRANS to find ways to encourage children to travel to school by cycling, scooting or walking. We also looked at ways to make it safer for children to travel to school. We had some wonderful ideas, but unfortunately we did not receive the funding to make them a reality.

We met with the school cook on many occasions to discuss the lunch menus.

We chose the designs for our school beach bus and discussed these with the people who put them on our bus.

We had a pavilion built in the school yard, which is something our pupils had wanted for a long time.

Three School Councillors travelled to London with Mr. Robinson to meet the Children's Commissioner, Anne Longfield. We discussed our hopes and visions for the future.

We met with Mrs. Carrick to discuss our needs for playground equipment. We were given a budget to spend to order what we wanted.

Unfortunately, because of The COVID virus, the role of The School Council has been reduced over the last year, as we have not been able to meet as a group. We will be starting up again in September 2021 – watch this space!

Mr. Robinson