Beach School


Beaconhill Beach School- Celebrating the success of our innovative curriculum with a 'Love Northumberland' award

We became a Beach School in September 2015, designing our curriculum around a wealth of coastal experiences.


Pupils are out almost every day with our Beach Ranger, visiting different parts of the North-East coast.  The school has a mini-bus solely for this project, so trips go ahead whatever the weather, to show pupils how beautiful our coastline is, how it changes, and how each beach environment is different.


We really do ‘teach at the beach and make the most of our coast’– delivering the curriculum in a stimulating, engaging and beautiful natural environment. Activities are designed to develop social and emotional skills such as team work, trust, communication, initiative, independence, and other important life-skills.


Through more than 150 visits each year to a range of different locations, pupils have been taught how to look after the environment, such as how litter impacts on the environment and the food chain, and the importance of putting things back once activities are over. 


Every child in school aged 3 – 11 has  the opportunity to experience a range of beach visits.  All of the trips are offered free of charge to the pupils, with the exception of paying for an occasional ice-cream! 


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